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Sponsoring a vulnerable child is a great way to directly impact a life! By sponsoring a child, you can help ensure that they stay in school, get medical help when needed, learn valuable life skills, receive encouragement, and hear the gospel! You are able to directly communicate with your child via letters, send them gifts, and even visit them personally if you ever travel to Africa. Your financial gift for your child goes directly to their respective Hope Center, where it is used to meet their physical, educational, and spiritual needs. There is no better, more personal way for you to connect with and support the needs of a child in Africa! For a commitment of just $37 per month you can provide priceless hope for a needy child.

ECM offers two sponsorship opportunities:

In our General Child Sponsorship Program, we help the neediest children, most often from extreme poverty and/or suffering from physical disabilities, to get the help they need for a brighter future.  These children can come into the program at any age, but typically join a Hope Center before the age of 10.  Children complete the General Child Sponsorship Program after the completion of secondary school (high school) or when they reach the age of 20, whichever comes first. We ask our sponsors to commit to sponsorship until the child completes the general sponsorship program.

To choose a child for general child sponsorship, view our online list or contact our office for more information.

The Next Step Sponsorship Program is a great way to support a young person for three or four years, helping to move them from sponsorship to independence.  The program equips our sponsored children for adult life so that they are fully prepared to live on their own once their sponsorship is complete.  Children move into the Next Step Program, with staff approval, after the completion of the general child sponsorship program.

Children in the Next Step Program, working with ECM staff, develop a written plan to guide them as they make the transition to a more independent life. The young person may choose to attend university, start a business, or choose some kind of vocational training or apprenticeship to enter a trade. The sponsors are given the option to support the young person through these critical steps until they are fully ready to start life on their own. Once they complete their training or higher education, they move on from the Next Step Program and begin supporting themselves while still receiving emotional support, mentoring, and spiritual guidance from our international staff.

To choose a child for Next Step sponsorship, view our online list or contact our office for more information.

If you would like to select a child from either sponsorship list, but prefer to pay by a means other than credit card, please contact our office.