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Cashless Giving Options

Donate Your Used Vehicle, Motorcycle or Boat

Donate it! That old car could be a lifesaver for a desperate child! (Other vehicles also accepted)

Just call 855-500-7433 and tell them that your donation is for Every Child Ministries or use this link to fill out a form for CARS
(Charitable Adult & Ride Services) to call you.

Thinking about trading in your old car, truck, SUV, or motorcycle, or selling it? Don't know what to do with it? You could trade it in, but there might be a smarter alternative. Now you can dispose of your unneeded vehicle conveniently and quickly, and help needy children at the same time! You can donate your vehicle even if it is not in working condition and even if it did not pass state inspection, as long as it has an engine, can be towed, and you have clear title to it. Whether the value of the car is great or not-so-great, you can use it to benefit desperate children. The tax value to you can be greater than what you'd get for a trade-in.

Every Child Ministries now has a cooperative program with CARS. When you have a vehicle that is no longer of use to you, just call their number, 855-500-RIDE (855-500-7433) or fill out their form and tell them you want to donate a car for the benefit of Every Child Ministries. CARS will arrange a pickup at no cost to you and sell your vehicle at auction. Every Child Ministries will receive 70% of the net proceeds for our ministries to African children, with NO overhead cost to us.

You will get a tax-deductible receipt for your donation. It's easy. It's hassle-free. It's a big win for you. Every Child Ministries will use the proceeds from your vehicle to help provide care for orphans and homeless street children, to liberate and rehabilitate slave children, and to bring the hope of Jesus to every African child. Is it any wonder we say your vehicle could be a lifesaver?

Thank you for CARing for the children!

STEER (farmers & ranchers)

Do you know a farmer or rancher who would love to give more to the Lord's work, but can't do as much as he wishes because so much of his money is invested in his agricultural operation? Every Child Ministries has a wonderful way for farmers to give to missions. In cooperation with STEER, (STEERing money to missions) ECM participates in a program whereby a farmer is given an animal to raise (no initial cost outlay for the farmer). The farmer contributes the food and labor to raise the animal. When it is sold, the proceeds help reach needy African children with the Gospel through Every Child Ministries. The farmer can designate the funds to a particular project or missionary or let his funds be used where needed most. It's a big win for everybody!

If you or someone you know may be interested in this program, please contact us today. We will be glad to send the details.


Use Goodshop to give while you shop!  You can shop online from a wide variety of stores and ECM will receive between 1% and 30% (depending on the store) of your purchase price. Click below and designate Every Child Ministries as the charity of your choice. Funds will come to Every Child Ministries to help the forgotten children of Africa. We do not endorse stores or items for sale. We trust you to exercise your God-given judgment in purchases. Thank you for shopping to help African children. We appreciate it! to support ECM's work by using Goodshop.

Your purchases through Amazon will support Every Child Ministries.  Instead of going to, go to  Choose Every Child Ministries as the charity you support.  That's it!  Every time you shop on, 0.5% of eligible purchases will be sent to Every Child Ministries. 

Surfing the Web

Ever wish you could give more to help needy children? You can! Now you can donate to Every Child Ministries every time you surf the web. Visit and download the search bar, or make it your home page.

When the prompt asks you to choose between Run and Open, choose Open. When the search bar appears, you will see another bar that says, "My Charity". Type in Every Child Ministries (It will fill in automatically as you begin to type. We are ECM in Hebron, IN.) Every time you surf the web, use the Goodsearch bar, in the same way that you used to use Yahoo or Google, etc. You get great results on most searches, and the other bars are still there for you to use if you need them. There is no cost to you, and no cost to Every Child Ministries. We get over a penny for every search you make from Goodsearch. With lots of people using Goodsearch, it adds up!

Thank you for making Goodsearch your search bar of choice. We know you are doing it for the children, and we thank you on their behalf.


Save or collect empty ink jet cartridges (no laser cartridges please) and old cell phones for recycling. Through recycling, ECM can turn them into cash for mission work to help children.

Pack them carefully and send them to:

Every Child Ministries, PO Box 810, Hebron, IN 46341

If using UPS, 875 S. State Rd. 2, Hebron, IN 46341

ECM sells these items to recyclers for cash, which we use to help African orphans, homeless street kids, and other desperate children.

Or, save and recycle locally. Send in the profits for the project of your choice, or let us decide where your funds can help kids the most.

  • Aluminum cans
  • Old newspapers
  • Cans and bottles that give you money for turning them in

Or, put on a garage sale. Recycle treasures from your home and get friends in on the excitement. Send in the profits for the project of your choice, or let us decide where your funds can help kids the most.

Send us a story and photos of what you did, along with funds raised to:

Every Child Ministries, PO Box 810 Hebron, IN 46341
Make checks payable to Every Child Ministries.


These are items that ECM can use directly in ministry to children or in our support offices.

Always welcome:

  • Clear rulers, 12 in. with both metrics and inches
  • Compasses and protractors
  • Permanent glue sticks
  • Sunscreen (expiration dates at least one year out) and lipbalm
  • Children's hats and sunglasses

Send them to:

Every Child Ministries, PO Box 810, Hebron, IN 46341

If using UPS, 875 S. State Rd. 2, Hebron, IN 46341

Thank you for helping!