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Will YOU give us hope?

Child sponsorship through Every Child Ministries gives the gift of love to precious African jewels like these, for only $1 per day

Every Child Ministries (ECM) is
a Christian mission that enables 
ordinary people like you to become advocates offering hope to child slaves, orphans, street children, child victims of prostitution,
trafficked children, Kony survivors & other war-affected children--all forgotten children of Africa, helping them rebuild their broken lives.

We believe every child is created in the image of God and is loved & treasured by Him.  That's why we call the children of Africa "African Jewels."  Precious.. valuable... worthy of investment of time, energy, resources. We empower African children to overcome devastating obstacles so they can become champions of justice. 
Will you partner with us?

How can YOU give hope to a desperate child ?

3 Minutes to learn about sponsoring a child?
 "Share the Gift of Love". 
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       Every Child Ministries is an accredited charity meeting all 20 standards of the Better Business Bureau               /files/Logos symbols clip art/ECFA_Accredited_Final_CMYK_ET2_Small high resolution resized 79 x 93.jpg           Give to Every Child Ministries through the Combined Federal Campaign, Code 41919

Meets all 20 BBB Charity Standards                                   Every Child Ministries
                                                                                                                    CFC Code 41919       

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Every Child Ministries serves all children without discrimination.Every Child Ministries (ECM) is a Faith-Based Oganization.
Our motivation and strength for serving needy children comes from our Christian faith, but Every Child Ministries serves all children without discrimination.  No child is forced or pressured to change his religion as a condition of receiving services.

On the front lines--
ECM Working for Africa's Children--

Kony 2012--Capture him now

Every Child Ministries is pleased to join Invisible Children in praying that Joseph Kony is captured this year and brought to justice.When someone abducts 30,000 children and forces them to commit unthinkable atrocities against their own families in order to survive, how soon should he be forgotten?  We at Every Child Ministries think not so quickly.  We agree with the Invisible Children organization that he needs to be captured and brought to justice.  But why does it have be this year?...Read more...

Fighting Child Trafficking at the Source (Preventing Child Trafficking)Every Child Ministries is fighting child trafficking at the very source

How many times do people have to fall over a cliff before we build a guard rail at the top? This is the question we’ve been asking ourselves about the problems of children in Ghana. We noticed many trafficked & street children were from one area.  Repeatedly we have found that kids that ended up on the streets originated in....Read more.....

Karamojong children are sold in cattle markets and end up as beggars on the streets of Kampala.  Now Every Child Ministries is working to help themKaramojong Children Sold in Cattle Markets 

On certain days of the week, you can buy a Karamojong child at the cattle markets along the Uganda-Kenya border. Price: About $160. Destination: The child will probably be forced to beg on the streets of Kampala, perhaps being beaten throughout the day, because....  Read more....

Widowed Mothers Found their Teen Daughters in Prostitution

Congolese girls leave prostitution on the streets, return home through ECM's Restore a Family project.Our last reports from Congo tell of two widowed mothers who saw the ECM street youth give their skits.  Afterward, they went out to the streets to look for their girls, aged 12 and 14.  Both found them in prostitution.  Both pleaded....  Read more....

This toddler was abducted and ritually abused in a traditional shrine.  Now ECM is helping her healToddler Ritually Tortured, Discarded, Rescued

The baby had suffered horrific ritual abuse in a traditional shrine, including having her undeveloped canine teeth cut out of her jaw, undoubtedly for... 
Read more....



The Thunder god Falls before the cross!  His servants are freed!Dakpahu, former priest of the Kadza Yeve cult in Ghana, has come to Christ and freed the 52 shrine servants he controlled, the culmination of five years' labor by Every Child Ministries staff

Fifty-two shrine slaves, servants of the Kadza Yeve (thunder god) shrine were freed on March 25 by the shrine itself. This was the culmination of five years' of patient effort by Every Child Ministries workers....  Read more....


Two African jewels now safe and happy through sponsorship with Every Child MinistriesThe Joys of Child Sponsorship

Sponsoring a child is SO SATISFYINGImagine how good you will feel knowing that your gifts are rescuing a child from a desperate situation like a life of wandering the streets or slavery in an idol shrine. Imagine how much more you will enjoy what you have, knowing that you first shared with some of the neediest ones of the world.  Read more....

New Hope for Africa's Street Children

In the southern Volta Region of Ghana, and in southern Togo and Benin, thousands of young girls are held as slaves in unspeakable conditions, victims of a vicious form of modern-day slavery--ritual abuse in idol shrines.  Every Child Ministries is fighting against this form of child slavery which is ruining the lives of Ghana's youth.  ECM is partnering with national Ghanian efforts to liberate the trokosi girls.   Read more....


Families Restored in Congo, Bring Their Kids Home from StreetsA restored family in Congo rejoices to have their teens back home again, a result of Every Child Ministries' Restore A Family Ministry

In DR Congo parents have been stirred to go out to the streets and try to bring their children back home after viewing skits put on by street youth, sponsored by Every Child Ministries.  It has sometimes required some serious searching, but the parents have ended up finding their children!  It has sometimes taken some begging on the parents’ part, for relations were not happy when the children left.  But in many cases, they have ended up finding their children and bringing them back home.  Families are being restored!   Read more...

Every Child Ministries takes a Pro-Life position because we cannot help African children unless they survive the womb Helping African children survive the womb

Many African women have suffered horrendously from abortion.  Often the full import of the decision to abort their child is not explained well to the women.  So-called reproductive rights organizations tend to talk of abortion lightly, as if it were just a simple "procedure".  They tend to ignore even the possibility that ....   Read more.... 


FREE (and almost free) GOODIES !

Free--Prayer Guide for the dark places (by email on request)

Free--Strategic Prayer Guide against Slavery, by email

Free--Monthly Prayer Guide, by email

Free--What everyone can do to help end slavery, by email

Free--AFRICAN JEWELS magazine, monthly by email

Free--Teaching & Training Materials for African Churches & Ministries

/files/Logos symbols clip art/explosion.gif DVD--"Child Slavery Today"--shot on location at a slave liberation ceremony in Ghana.  $10 suggested donation help to free more slaves.  U.S. addresses only

/files/Logos symbols clip art/explosion.gif DVD--"Haven of Hope"--shot on location at Haven of Hope children's home in Ghana.  $10 suggested donation helps to maintain & improve the home. U.S. addresses only

Here are some of the deeply satisfying things your partnership with Every Child Ministries can do for African children:

/files/Logos symbols clip art/goldstar.gif Show the love of Jesus in practical ways to forgotten groups of African child like child slaves, orphans, street children, children in prostitutionchild soldiers & other children of war, homeless & abandoned children, children in extreme poverty, & others.

/files/Logos symbols clip art/goldstar.gif Fight child slavery, child prostituion, & child trafficking in Africa.

/files/Logos symbols clip art/goldstar.gif Rescue abused & neglected children from desperate, dangerous & debilitating situations.

/files/Logos symbols clip art/goldstar.gif Share your love through child sponsorship.

/files/Logos symbols clip art/goldstar.gif Teach the Gospel of Christ & the character-building truths of the Bible to African children & families.

/files/Logos symbols clip art/goldstar.gif  Awaken African churches, leaders & parents to the importance & value of children.

/files/Logos symbols clip art/goldstar.gif  Promote Christian education & leadership development programs to motivate, train, equip, & provide resourves to empower African churches & leaders for outreach to the next generation.

/files/Logos symbols clip art/goldstar.gif  Bring together African & American churches & Christians to learn from each other, to work, pray & grow together so as to accomplish these goals.
/files/Logos symbols clip art/goldstar.gifGive a safe, loving home to an orphan or another outcast child.
/files/Logos symbols clip art/goldstar.gif
Restore street children to their families.

/files/Logos symbols clip art/goldstar.gifRescue children from the cruel grips of prostituion.

/files/Logos symbols clip art/goldstar.gif Protect unborn African children in the womb.

Every Child Ministries can help you:

The sack or mat on which these street children sleep is their only bed and their only protection from the cold, damp ground. During the day, they hide it and hope it will not be stolen before nightfall. Some, living with their homeless mothers, sleep under "tents" made by stringing up a sheet of plastic from the front of a store after closing hours....  Read more....

New Hope for African Children with Albinism  Every Child Ministries is one of the few Christian organizations helping children with albinism

In Uganda, as in many African countries, albino children are often considered a curse, as is any unusual occurence.  At Every Child Ministries, a Christian mission for the forgotten children of Africa, we understand that albino children are valued and loved by God.  Like EVERY CHILD, they are valued because they are created in the image of God.  These children are often ostracized, sometimes ridiculed,  neglected, despised.  That's why ECM is establishing a program to reach out to them.  ECM is showing them God's love in a very practical way--by ...   Read more....

Every Child Ministires is fighting for the abolition of the practice of ritual servitude which holds girls and women as shrine slaves in a practice called trokosiYoung girls Held as Slaves in Unspeakable Conditions

In at least three countries of W Africa, girls & women are forced to enter traditional shrines as wives & servants of the gods.  It's a horrific form of modern-day slavery that cuts them off from education and from the community and demeans their personhood.  ECM's Anti-slavery initiative is fighting to eliminate these harmful practices, to free & to rehabilitate the captives.


Help the next generation of African children survive the womb.

Help the next generation of African children survive the womb.
Get pro-life news.


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ECM says CAPTURE JOSEPH KONY & bring him & all his generals to justice!

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2013: 28 Years "Going the Distance" for African Children

"AFRICAN JEWELS 4 JESUS"--a kid's mission project for African street children. If you teach children, ask for information!

CHILD SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITY: Child sponsors are urgently needed to help Ugandan orphans. $32/month can change a child's life and give the gift of hope!

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