Now It's Your Turn!

Missionary with village children
Can you hear it?  A still, small voice gently saying “it’s your turn now.” Could God be calling you into his service as a missionary?  Could he be asking you to step out of your comfort zone and travel to a place you have only read about or seen on TV?  Could it be time for you to start your journey of service in Africa?  If you believe God is leading you in the direction of missionary service in Africa, please contact us.  It may be the first step toward a life-changing experience!   

Ways to serve

Being called to serve doesn't look the same for every person. For some, it means taking two weeks out of a hectic schedule to go to a foreign country to help those in need.

Every Child Ministries depends highly on volunteers to accomplish the work of the ministry—both in Africa and at our International office in Hebron, IN.

Every Child Ministries is willing to consider those who sense a special calling from God for African children, and we are willing to consider sending missionaries to any African country. If African children are on your heart, talk to us!

Are you thinking of starting your own ministry to African children or families? We at Every Child Ministries congratulate you for your concern, vision, and commitment!