Restore a Family

Restoring children to their families from the streets

For several years, the street kids we are helping in Congo have been organizing skits to let others know what it’s really like to live on the street. A plastic sack as your only bed. A few sticks stuck in the ground as your only shelter. Dirty. Despised. Unloved.

Whenever they have done these skits in local churches, people’s hearts have been moved. In every crowd, there have been parents listening who know their own kids are on the street. Some blamed the parents for the family’s poverty and ran away. Some left under duress. Some were actually kicked out. Some were accused of being witches when the family ran into hard times.

These parents have been stirred to go out to the streets and try to bring their children back home. It has sometimes taken some serious searching, but they have ended up finding their children!  Of course, there’s always damage. Two girls, 12 and 14, who recently returned home, were already into prostitution. But they came back. Families were restored. Forgiveness was sought. New beginnings were made.

Our experience has shown us that many kids are on the street alone despite the fact that they have parents. They could be restored to their families if only the parents tried. And God has shown us a very effective way to make that happen. He is using the kids themselves to help other kids who are living on the streets. Every single time the street kids go out with these skits, families are reunited. Street kids are restored to their mothers. What an amazing thing God is doing!