Sunday School Development

Over 3,100 African Sunday Schools have been established in Africa through ECM Training.  Previously, these churches had nothing at all to reach children, and we have seen firsthand the excitement of the children. They are just thrilled to have this opportunity, and they show it.  The level of excitement in these Sunday schools is indescribable!

These Sunday schools vary in size. One, in a Gospel-resistant area where the church is struggling for existence, taught only five children the last we knew. Many in the cities enroll hundreds. An average for village Sunday schools seems to be about 80 children. This means ECM training is responsible for nearly 250,000 children receiving weekly Bible training in Africa.

Our goal is not to start Sunday schools of our own, but to empower local Bible-believing churches to reach children through any means possible. Therefore, ECM is careful never to usurp the authority God has invested in the local church. The Sunday schools and other children's ministries started through ECM training remain always under the control of the local churches.