Child Rescue

What do ECM workers do when they find a child in a life-threatening situation?   Sometimes a relatively small amount, even under $100, can save the child's life, but the family does not have it.  The child's need is urgent, but there seems to be no way for the family to meet the need.

ECM's Child Rescue Fund was created to help just such children.  We begin by removing the child, whenever possible, from the life-threatenting situation.  We provide medical help.  We offer the family assistance as needed. .  We don't run away once the immediate need is met, either.  We stay involved as long as is needed, and as long as the family wants us to help.  And all we do is openly given in the name of Jesus Christ.  We don't force anyone (as if such a thing were possible), but when love is shown in Jesus' name, many families do take notice.  When people ask why we care, it leads to opportunities to share the Good News that can bring eternal hope.