Starting a ministry to African children or families

Are you thinking of starting your own ministry to African children or families? We at Every Child Ministries congratulate you for your concern, vision, and commitment! We'd also invite you to prayerfully consider this alternative: instead of creating your own ministry, why not combine your efforts with ECM's?

We are willing to be a sending agency for missionaries committed to go to many African countries, and we are willing to let those with specific visions for African ministry work in the area of their calling. Just because we are not currently working in the area for which you are burdened does not mean we can't or won't. Every Child Ministries is flexible. We are willing to consider any proposal that will reach more African children, more African families, for Christ.

It's not hard to incorporate a new organization, but it takes many years, a huge effort, and a long record of faithful service to build up public trustThat is a long, hard road! The founders of ECM dedicated their lives to building a mission organization that would be very flexible and able to help African children in many ways. They have given their lives so that every person and every church who desired to help in Africa would not have to start from scratch.

The day of "Lone Ranger" missions was over long ago. A committed, flexible mission agency like Every Child Ministries offers many values to anyone considering missionary work among African children—culture-sensitive training based on years of experience, advice about where your ministry might be most strategic, supervision, encouragement, accountability, shepherding, safety and emergency assistance, and help with practical needs like insurance, education of your children, and travel.

If you or your group desires to develop a ministry to African children or families, we invite you to consider doing it under Every Child Ministries. Tell us about your vision and let's talk.

Please note: Every Child Ministries is not a funding agency. We are not looking for other organizations or projects to fund. All our missionaries raise their own support, with training and guidance that enables them in the process. Do not contact ECM looking for someone to "take over" or fund your ministry.

However, if you are thinking of starting your own organization, you are by definition committed to raising funding for it. We offer you the opportunity to develop your vision under our umbrella, calling on the benefit of our experience and using our administrative support. Your ministry would be listed on our website and included in our publications. Of course, all missionaries and projects must be approved by our Board of Directors, and as in any agency, all are subject to their control. We still believe you will accomplish your vision sooner and more fully by working with ECM as an already established organization.

We are an evangelical Christian organization, and ask those who work with us to subscribe to our statement of faith. Also, we are looking for works of integrity, so we reserve the right to require reports, audits, and to check on any project operating under our name.

If a vision for your own African ministry is growing in your heart, we invite you to pray about it, talk with your pastor or spiritual advisor, and talk with us about the possibilities.