A mission experience that works for you!

Being called to serve doesn't look the same for every person. For some, it means taking two weeks out of a hectic schedule to go to a foreign country to help those in need. For others it's about sharing a talent or a resource with someone in a third world country.  For some it means partnering with national workers in order to expand God's Kingdom.  And for still others, it means diving in headfirst, answering God's call to leave family and friends and move to another country and culture, in order to bring the Gospel to those without hope.  Whatever your motivation, we are here to help you respond to God's leading in your life.  If one of the opportunities below intrigues you, please contact us.

Mission Trips

One of the best ways to serve and experience Africa is to participate in one of ECM’s mission trips. These trips are typically two to three weeks in length, and often (but not always) take place in the summer.  Examples include helping to dig wells, train school teachers, teach Sunday School or Vacation Bible School, or love on street kids. 

2018 Mission Trips: 

ECM Mission Trip Video

Click here for more information about the Teacher Trip to Uganda scheduled for June 2018.

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Short Term Missions

Looking for something longer than a few weeks? We’ve got that covered too. These mission experiences last up to a year, and often involve working closely with an ECM missionary. Examples include college internships, teaching missionary children, working in a village school, or teaching at Haven of Hope Academy. Contact us with your questions, or fill out the form below.

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Long Term Missions

Considering missions as a career? Or maybe you are ready to commit to several years of service, and want to partner with an ECM missionary or start a project? There are many opportunities for long term service with ECM! Based on your qualifications, your giftings, and your passions, we can find a ministry opportunity that will work for you. There’s no higher calling than to live in full-time service to God in a place where he has called you to go. If you are feeling called, explore the possibilities for service with us. Contact us or fill out the form below.

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