Stop Child Trafficking

How many times do people have to fall over a cliff before we build a fence at the top? This is the question we’ve been asking ourselves about the problems of street children in Kampala,Uganda and Accra, Ghana.

We noticed a definite pattern.  So many of the street children were from the same area.

Repeatedly we have found that kids that ended up on the streets originated in other parts of the country. In child trafficking cases too, we are finding that the children are from places far from the city. So we’ve been asking ourselves, in addition to doing all we can to help kids after they get trafficked or they end up on the city streets, shouldn’t we be doing something to help kids at the primary source? Maybe small efforts there would yield big results in terms of saving kids from situations that are even more desperate than poverty.  Because of this need, we have begun to focus ministry on the sources of the trafficking, so that it can be stopped before it ever starts.  Through education and community development, these kids can stay right where they should be - at home in a loving community.