Congo Brazzaville - Sunday School Outreach

It's more than a little confusing because their names, cultures & languages are so much alike, but there are officially two Congos.  One of ECM's base countries is DR Congo (Democratic Republic of Congo).  Right across the Congo River to the north is another Congo--Brazzaville Congo (Republic of Congo).  They share an early history as part of the great Kingdom of Congo, but in their colonist days, DR Congo was colonized by the Belgians and Congo Brazzaville by the French.

ECM's work in Congo Brazzaville began in the late 1990's when Esther Mahoungou came from Congo Brazzaville and was trained as a "Master Trainer" at ECM's Mission Garizim.  After a year of intensive training was completed, Esther returned to "Brazza", as it is popularly known, and began to help churches there develop children's ministries.  Thirty churches of Brazzaville were known to have started Sunday schools before Esther became caught up in the war there and was killed. 

In late 2014, ECM sent Pastor Mupepe from Kinshasa to restart the work.  He made contacts, held a training seminar, and identified a new leader.  In 2015 funds were raised to enable full training of this new leader and startup funds to enable him to begin once again helping Brazzaville churches establish ministries to reach the children all around them.

Congo Brazzaville speaks the same three languages as our Kinshasa staff--French, Lingala, and Kituba (called Monokutuba in Brazza).  So they are well equipped to find and train new leaders, using the same literature as our Kinshasa ministries.