Children with Albinism

In many African countries, "albino" children are often considered a curse, as is any unusual occurrence.  At ECM, we understand that albino children are valued and loved by God.  Like EVERY CHILD, they are valued because they are created in the image of God.

A Life of Severe Rejection

These children are often ostracized, ridiculed,  neglected, and despised.  Parents, especially fathers, often desert their families when albino children are born, or later, when they face ridicule by the community.  Albino children are not only subject to taunting at school, but are often beaten up if they accidentally touch anyone.  Even teachers do not understand them, and in some places even health care workers are afraid to touch them.  ECM workers have even found that some albino children are hidden indoors and denied interaction with others because of the ridicule the family faces.  This all makes for a life of severe rejection.  But ECM was established for "the forgotten children of Africa."  That's why our workers are seeking to reach out to these children.

Showing God's Love

ECM is showing them God's love in very practical ways --for example, by giving them the gift of a pair of sunglasses.   As we distribute the sunglasses we share the Gospel story of God's amazing love with the children, give them hugs to demonstrate our acceptance, and gather information so we can keep in touch with them.   ECM also works to educate the public about the truths of albinism.