Prayer Requests

Lorella n Whitney Rouster

Lorella and Whitney Rouster will be in Congo August 4 through 18.  Pray that the twelve tubs of Sunday School material in the Kituba language they are taking reach their final destinations with no problems.  Pray for effective ministry, and that Lorella will be able to go to the different areas she will be visiting without mobility issues.


Dayton and Monica at HH

Pray for a transition in leadership at Haven of Hope Children's Home in Ghana.  Pray that duties in caring for the children and in reporting back to Mission Central would be understood and carried out well.  Pray for their ability to stretch finances to meet al the needs.


Dollar bills

Pray for ECM's finances.  Summer always brings a lull in giving, which impacts many needs.  Pray that both sponsors and those that support projects or give to Where Needed Most would have the financial resources to continue to be faithful in their giving.  Pray that ECM's work would be shared and bring new giving.


Luckey family 2017 team

Praise the Lord for the two teams Mark Luckey led in June in Uganda.  Pray that the training given to teachers by the first team from Calvary Church, Valparaiso, IN, was understood and absorbed, and will result in more effective teaching to students at St. Paul school in Naigobya.  Pray that the solar lights that were provided by the Luckey familiy team to some of the families in the Gulu area will help students have light in the evening to study by for years to come, and that the team's time with staff will bring sustained encouragement in their difficulities and trials.