Russ and Marcia Baugh family

ECM Missionaries Since: 2011          Ministry: The Way Home, Uganda          Based In:  Michigan, USA

Baughs in AfricaHaving already served four years in Uganda, Russ and Marcia Baugh came to Every Child Ministries as experienced missionaries. Russ was country director for Rafiki Foundation Children's Village, and he and Marcia were teaching leaders for Bible Study Fellowship. They are now ministering to dozens of grannies and the several hundred grandchildren that they are raising.  Though based in the US, the Baughs spend about a quarter of their time in Uganda, overseeing the ministry there.  While in the US, they monitor and give direction to Ugandan staff, and raise funds for the work.

The Way Home offers extensive Bible teaching, Farming God's Way training, 3–5 year follow-up mentoring, and preventative nursing care. The Way Home's latest project, The Discipleship Center, creates an invested physical presence between two regions. One region has a very high incidence of witchcraft and ancestral worship while the other has an Islamic presence. There will also be a church planted next to the Discipleship Center. Here are a few of the activities that regularly take place at the Discipleship Center:

  • Farming God's Way seminars
  • Bible club for community children
  • Adult community Bible study
  • Training using a Farming God's Way demonstration garden
  • Workshops for the granny homes construction carpenters
  • Housing for Ugandan staff
  • Housing for missionaries and visitors

As you can see, the Baughs have a very big job ahead of them. In fact, it is a job that is humanly impossible!  It is a God-sized job. Will you pray for them? Will you give to help them help Uganda's AIDS orphans through the Way Home project?