Affiliations and memberships

Independent, Non-Denominational

Every Child Ministries is independent, not controlled by another group. ECM is non-denominational, not tied to any church group, but an arm of the church universal, able and desiring to serve all who believe the Bible is the Word of God and Jesus Christ is the Son of God and only Savior. ECM is governed by its Board of Directors.

ECFA (Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability)

Every Child Ministries demonstrates its commitment to financial accountability by submitting to the rigorous scrutiny of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability. Member since 1987. Because ECM values integrity so much, we have chosen to become members of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability and to submit to their financial and operational scrutiny. We have voluntarily chosen to submit to their high standards in our operations and procedures, ensuring the public that their funds are used as wisely and well as possible, as good stewards of God's resources. Membership requirements include a full audit every other year and a financial review every other year.


Although ECM has never received support through USAID, we are registered with them as a PVO (Private Voluntary Organization).


Every Child Ministries partners with STEER to offer farmers a practical way to contribute to missions by raising an animal or a crop for missions. By ECM's involvement with STEER, we also seek to stir missions interest among agriculturalists. 

Urbana Student Missions Conferences

Every Child Ministries has been a regular exhibitor at Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship's Urbana Student Missions Conferences for purposes of recruiting students for missionary work and serving as advocates for the needs of African children. Lorella was a 2006 Urbana workshop presenter on the topic of Children of War.

International Network of Children's Ministries

In 2005, Every Child Ministries was the featured mission organization of the International Network of Children's Ministries, introducing our work with African children to thousands of Children's Pastors and Directors nationwide. We have been an active exhibitor at INCM Children's Pastor's Conferences since then. In July 2005, INCM augmented ECM's Teacher Training in Ghana by sending two international trainers to conduct training seminars. The same was done in July 2006 in DR Congo.

Greater Chicago Sunday School Association

For many years ECM has had a friendly, informal relationship with the Greater Chicago Sunday School Association. Lorella Rouster, ECM Co-founder, often taught workshops and ECM often exhibited at GCSSA conventions.

Moody Bible Institute

Every Child Ministries has had an on-campus exhibit presence for many years at Moody and in recent years has been represented at the Moody Missions Conference each Fall. Both John and Lorella Rouster have taught workshops on the Importance of Children, Child Slavery, Slavery in the Bible, etc.

KCC Primary School, Kamwokya, Kampala, Uganda

Beginning in 2006, Every Child Ministries has cooperated with KCC Primary School in the Kamwokya Orphans and Kamwokya Slums projects. For many years the school provided free classroom space for our teaching teams and an office at the school. They have also cooperated in gathering information about orphans and other needy children of the area for our Sponsorship program.

Tegot P7 School, Gulu District, N Uganda

ECM has partnered with Tegot P7 Primary School for its sponsorship program. ECM sponsors children from the school, and the school permits us to use their classrooms and schoolyard for our Saturday club. ECM has also built and equipped a library for the school, and the ECM women's group has repainted chalkboards there. 

Gulu Community Bible Church, Tegot Branch

This church has permitted ECM to hold days camps at the church year after year and has made space availabe for Get-Ready-for-School classes.

Affiliations for specific, time-limited projects, now completed

ECM & WYLL Radio

Every Child Ministries has held two fundraising campaigns with Sandy Rios (now President of Concerned Women for America) and Kevin McCullough for construction of Haven of Hope for children and for liberation of trokosi slave women.

ECM & International Needs (IN) Ghana

In 2001-2003, Every Child Ministries cooperated with International Needs Ghana for the liberation of 940 women and 1200 children of three Agave area shrines in the Volta Region of Ghana, West Africa. ECM's part was mobilizing prayer, raising awareness and funding for the project, and assisting those freed with counseling and Bible teaching. IN Ghana did the negotiating and provided vocational training for those liberated.

ECM & FESLIM (Fetish Slaves Liberation Movement)

In 2003-2004, Every Child Ministries cooperated with FESLIM for the liberation of the Aklidokpo Shrine in the Volta Region. In this project ECM took the lead role in planning and negotiations, aided by the counsel of Mark Wisdom of FESLIM. ECM also mobilized prayer, raised awareness and funding, assisted those freed with counseling and Bible teaching, aided the women in starting small businesses, and helped some of the children with schooling.

ECM & TAF (Trokosi Abolition Fellowship)

It was the Trokosi Abolition Fellowship that first drew our attention to the plight of the trokosi slaves. We have cooperated with them with information sharing and strategizing in our mutual efforts to end the practice and free its victims.

ECM & Christ Bible Church, Chicago

ECM has cooperated with Christ Bible Church of Chicago (then called South Shore Baptist Church) in projects of leadership training seminars and church planting projects in Ghana. Later the church developed its own mission efforts in Ghana.

Girls for Africa

In 2013 Every Child Ministries joined in a partnership with Girls for Africa to finish the upper primary and Junior High School classrooms we had started at Haven of Hope Academy in Ghana. With the help of GFA, Haven of Hope was able to add technology, supplemental curriculum and other improvements to the classrooms. The goal, through partnership with GFA, is to make Haven of Hope Academy a STEM Academy with increased emphasis on science, technology, engineering and math, to prepare students for jobs of the future with an aim to breaking the cycle of poverty.