"Hope, Practical Help, and Dignity in the Name of Christ"

Since 1985, Every Child Ministries has worked tirelessly to bring hope, practical help, and dignity to African children and their families, in the name of Jesus.  We are a wholistic ministry, seeking to meet the spiritual and physical needs of the vulnerable, broken, and outcast. We meet spiritual needs because it is our relationship with God, through faith in Christ, that is of greatest importance, and which determines how we spend eternity.  We meet physical needs because of the example of Jesus, who made caring for others a priority in his ministry, and because our love, made clear through our actions, prepares others to hear the Gospel message.  

It is our deep desire to impact the lives of children in Africa with the life-changing message of the Gospel. We consider it a great privilege to partner with you on this incredible journey of faith and service. 

Our Vision

Believing that children are Africa's greatest resource, a precious treasure from God, we work toward building an Africa where children are valued and respected, living lives of hope and dignity.

Our Mission

To offer hope, practical help & dignity to African children and their families in the name of Jesus, with special emphasis on those who are broken or outcast for any reason—"the forgotten children of Africa."

Some of those served are street children, orphans and abandoned children, children of War, children in prison, and children with albinism.