St. Paul Teacher Certification Training

Many teachers in rural African schools lack the training necessary for effectiveness and longevity in their role as an educator. This has proven to be very true for the teachers at St. Paul Primary School in Naigobya, Uganda, where ECM's Afayo Project is located. US teacher teams are regularly sent to work with the staff at St. Pauls, but while their mentoring and encouragement are extremely helpful, more consistent and thorough training is needed. This training is available locally for about $370 per year, and the entire three year program leading to certification costs only about $1115. Compare this to the cost of sending a US teacher to Uganda for two weeks, which is about $2300, and it becomes easy to see why investing in this certification training program is such a great idea!

Click here to donate to the St Paul Teacher Certification fund, and help teachers receive the training they so desparately need!